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Sugar Rush

Sex and Candy

5 May 1990
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I'm not all that active on livejournal anymore...not in a community sense of the word. But whenever I feel like whining about life or getting really excited about something that all of my friends are sick of hearing me talk about, I come here and write it all out. These colorbars are old, but I still love them.

title or description

Amelie is love.

Cake is Love

Color is Everywhere

Desserts are Always Love.

Grief is the price we pay for love.

Baz Luhrmann is Freedom, Beauty, Truth, and Love

M&M's are Chocolatey Love

John Mayer is Love

Jason Mraz is love.

The Notebook is eternal love.

by this_is_fucked

Paris is the City of Love.

Rainbows are love.

Rufus Wainwright colorbar by Thing of Wonder
such a beautiful child...

Veruca Salt is love.

Sparkles are love.

Spice Girls is Wannabe Love.

Taco Bell is Yo Quiero love.

Theatre is love.

The Aviator is love.

I claimed John Mayer's lips on claim_lips

I claimed Allison's neck on claim_allison

I claimed Evan's lips (after bribing with sexual favors) on claim_evan